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Welcome Everything

A young man who had tough time in life. Life was harsh on him and every single day brought more darkness to his life. You can not deny your circumstances and you can not run away from life. Theory of nature said that it evolve only those who are fittest for the survival. He promised to himself that life may be bit harsh on him but he would bring out the best from the every single dark  night. Life may push him down but he won’t give up and would stand up every single time with double force. Every failure in life was just a stepping stone to make that sky scrapper of your dream. When you have good time in life,  you don’t know your actual strength but failure teaches you more and enhance your capabilities to another dimensions.

Why always the best

you should be a learner through out life. You should be life experimentalist and enthusiastic about everything in this universe. When you are observant to life, you may realize that everything has a purpose in life. Nothing is more painful as ignorance of not being observant. When you are happy and successful you don’t value anything in life but when you have some failure or unwanted circumstances you start observing more and more about everything. There was a quote, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”. Exactly nobody wants failure in life, nobody wants pain in life, nobody wants emotional breakdowns in life and nobody wants trouble in life. Being observant teaches us more to understand the value of every moment of life. Even pain is beautiful, sadness is beautiful and loneliness is beautiful. Budhha quoted that Dukha (sadness) is part of life and it comes with you the moment you arrive in this world. So don’t expect always best from life, that would be unfair. Sometime worst things leads us to the best things we deserve. Some time it evolve us to survive in this world.

The best thing one can have

If you can calculate the risk in life then this would be your one of the most beautiful strength but beyond that one of the most beautiful thing one can have i.e “Idea” . There was a time when he had not even enough food but there was always been “Thoughts” and that is the best thing one can have in life. An idea can make you believe that you won’t die by hunger, an idea can make you believe that “While they can , Why you can’t !”. If you welcome life as an observant, you can generate thousand of ideas and you can make a difference. There is a beautiful quote in the movie “V for Vendetta” about the idea

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof”

Your mentality can change your life, your perspectives and your goals in life took. All those who calculate their life on the basis of possessions and luxuries are not aware of their consciousness. A king can be miserable and a beggar can be the happiest one. An idea can lead you the place you never thought of. It can make you different from the crowd. It can give you strength to survive in any condition. It can evolve you through failure to enlightenment.

Accept everything 

Sometime you may think that life is unfair to you. Some time it may let you down through failure. There was a beautiful quote about life that

I cried that I had no new shoes but I met a man on the street who had no shoe”

Life might have never given you what you desire but it always gives you what you need. It may look that life is just unfair to you but you were always been more blessed than others. Count on your failure and write them down. Analyze your problems and put every constructive effort to solutions. Remember that you may not have resources, you may not have comfort but your hard work don’t have any substitute. There will be your time and there is always light after the darkest night.

Believe in yourself, you are your greatest asset. You will never die by hunger. If you feel so you can write to me and I promise you that I may not know you but I won’t let you die. Prepare hard, generate your own thoughts, believe in your ideas and always remember my this beautiful quote

Continue until you find what makes a difference – Lalit Hinrek”

life Motivation

How to invest your time ?

Hello Guys!

Time is a valuable thing. If you do not understand your craft your effort will become waste. You have so much of energy and potential in you. Biggest problem is that you don’t understand where to invest energy and time. I will be talking about opportunities and scopes in different areas where you can put your effort and inspire many others to chose a different prospective and choices in life.

you need to understand one thing that सबकी सरकारी नौकरी नहीं लग सकती ! and it is foolish to waste our time in such area where it is not our cup of a tea. Let us discuss some innovative ideas and find out something interesting which can be easier than anything. Guys ! I’m sharing some of my personal experiences with you and trying my level best to motivate you  in a way that you can think differently. Let us find together some unique ways where we can invest our time and bring out the best in us. you can watch my video here how to invest your timeI ? Lalit Hinrek

You can focus on such areas like

  1. Blogging 
  2. YouTube
  3. Online E commerce 
  4. Photography
  5. Makeover & stying
  6. Cuisines and food items
  7. Tourism , Traveling and adventures (Home stays at mountains)
  1. Blogging –  You can make money easily through online blogging and writing if you are good at it. There is a lot of opportunities in this. You can write about anything but it should be like by audience so that you can easily get traffic. More people visit your blog more you have opportunity to earn money. I have already mentioned that I started blogging as a hobby and now My blog is eligible for running ads. This is really a very interesting field and I will upload a video on how to start a blog ? In future. These are some best blogging sites where you can easily create your blog without spending a penny.  i).    wordpress           ii) wix           iii)      joomla iv) Medium    v)
  2. YouTube – Who don’t know about it? If  you are funny , if you have skills in acting , you know how to dance or you know how to sing then you can easily become a good YouTuber and earn money through YOUTUBE.  One of my senior KIRAN SHARMA who were using YouTube as a fun but very soon she reached 1160 subscribers. One of my very dear friend Amrin Sultanawho is running YouTube has reached almost 5K subscriber within a 2-3 months and her account has been monetize too. She had earn her first dollar through ads. If you have creative ideas , innovative attitude and entertaining skills then it is one of the best way make money online. You can make a group of 4-5 like minded people and create some plays , singing , dance in local dialects or in cultural values which would be liked by everyone from Pahadi audience.
  3. E- Commerce– One of my friend    Is very good in cooking and uploading all the pictures in social media. This corona outbreak had brought us opportunity as well. Some people had utilize their time learning new cuisines. It will be very inspiring if such talent can be turn into a business ideas. Ideas are very expensive and nobody knows that you can be the next KFC venture holder. If you have ideas then you can utilize internet and  social media platform into a E-Commerce platform with zero investment.
  4. Photography – We have started our own company with the idea of creating something new. You can check it here HinrekphotographyIt has become a new trend in contemporary time that everyone wants to capture their beautiful time and keep these memories throughout life. From Baby shower to baby’s first smile , from Pre-wedding to सात फेरों तक everything has become a fashion to capture in lenses. This field is a open opportunity to all the intelligent and smart guys who can invest their time to create beautiful memories out of the camera. You can pursue a small course of 6-7 month and then start our own photography studio. This is really  a good opportunity in today’s time.                                                                                                       
  5. Makeover and styling– Who don’t know its value today ! गर्लफ़्रेंड से मिलने जाना है   , थोड़ा मेकअप ज़रूरी है ….from birthday party to marriage or  traveling to any event,  everyone prepare themselves in a best look. This is something like one time investment in life and all time returns. There is saying that “कैंची ऐक बार ही लेनी है” but it will last forever. Guys ! if you have some fashion sense and trending style then this field is for you. Just try your luck and I believe you will  rock. These are some fields where we can try our luck alternatively. I know one of my batchmate who started two saloons with the investment of 80000 in Delhi and within a year he owns 6 saloons. One of my colleague invested in library in Okhla, Delhi and he started earning 50-60 K in a month from it. Sometime we think that Goverment services are the criteria or high degree courses can lead us to ultimate success. This is totally a misconception otherwise we would never have MARK JUKERBERG, STEVE JOBS and ELON MUSK type of talent.                                                                                                                                                                THANK YOU & REGARD                                                                                                          LALIT HINREK


life Motivation sprituality story

बुद्ध का धम्म् और अंगूलीमाल

2500 साल पहले मगध राज्य मे ऐक बालक जिसका नाम अंहिसक था वह तक्षशिला मे अपनी शिक्षा दिक्षा ग्रहण कर रहा था । वह अपने सभी मित्रों मे सबसे अव्वल था जिससे जल्द ही वह समस्त आचार्यों का प्रिय हो गया । कुछ छात्र उसकी तरक़्क़ी से इतने दुखी हुये की उन्होंने बालक के प्रति षड्यन्त्र रचा और गुरूजनों को गुमराह कर बालक के ख़िलाफ़ भड़का दिया । गुरूजनों ने उसे दक्षिणा मे ऐक हज़ार मानव अंगुलियों को ऐकत्र करने की दक्षिणी मॉगी जिसके लिये उसे ऐक हज़ार मानव की हत्या करनी थी । वह गुरूकुल से शिक्षा छोड़ कर चला गया और ऐक ऐक करके मानवों की हत्या करता गया । मानव संख्या याद रखने के लिये वह मानव की ऐक अंगुली काट देता था और गले मे माला पहनने लग गया । धीरे धीरे सम्पूर्ण मगध /श्रावस्ती मे उसका ख़ौफ़ फैल गया और कालान्तर मे वह अंगूलीमाल के नाम से कुख्यात हुआ ।

वह हत्याऐं करता गया और करते करते नौ सौ निन्यान्वे हत्याऐ कर गया । अब उसका आख़िरी मानव बचा था और ऐक दिन ऐक बुढ़िया और ऐक सन्यासी जंगल के रास्ते मे उसके सामने आ गये । यह सन्यासी गौतम बुद्ध थे तथा बुढ़िया उसकी अपनी माता थी लेकिन मोह मे अंधा व्यक्ति अंगुलीमाल अपनी मॉ को भी नही पहचान पाया । वह हँसते हुये कहता है “हाहाहा , मेरे रास्ते मे दो लोग ऐक साथ आ गये अब मैं इस बुढ़िया की जान लूँ या इस संन्यासी की “

गौतम बुद्ध मुस्कुराते रहे और बोले , “ इस बूढ़ी औरत की हत्या मत करना , तुम मेरी जान ले सकते हो “

उनके आत्मविश्वास और तेज़ को देखकर अंगुलीमाल अंचभित था और ग़ुस्से मे आकर बोला , “ ऐ संन्यासी , पूरा इलाक़ा मेरे नाम से थरथराता है और तुम्हारी इतनी हिम्मत “

वह ग़ुस्से से उनकी और लपका लेकिन गौतम बुद्ध बिल्कुल निश्चितं खड़े रहे । उन्होंने अपना हाथ आगे किया और बोले , आओ ! और मुस्कुराते रहे ।

बुद्ध के इतने आत्मविश्वास और करूणा देख वह ऐक दम पिघल गया और उसे अपने अस्तित्व का ऐहसास हो गया । बुद्ध ने उसे गले से लगा लिया और धम्म् की शिक्षा दी । वर्षों तक वह बुद्ध के साथ रहा फिर गौतम बुद्ध ने उसे धम्म् की शिक्षा का प्रसार करने के लिये भेज दिया जिससे वह भी दुखियों की सेवा कर सके और उन्हें भी धम्म् का मार्ग प्रशस्त कर सके । वर्षों बाद वह गॉव , शहर की ओर निकला लेकिन लोग क्रोध मे इतने अंधे थे कि वह अंगुलीमाल अपन नही सके और जब भी वह निकलता उस पर पत्थर फेंकते । अंगूलीमाल का सिर फूट जाता लेकिन वह मुस्कुराता रहता क्योंकि वह जानता था ये लोग सब दुखियन है बिल्कुल उसके जैसे है जैसे वह था , इसलिये वह उन्हें सह्रदय अपना लेता बिना किसी अपेक्षा के । लोगों ने उसे अब तक क्षमा नही किया था , गौतम बुद्ध जानते थे वह तैयार था इसलिये उन्होंने उसे वापस भेजा । फिर ऐक दिन किसी गर्भवती महिला की असहाय पीढ़ा को अंगूलीमाल ने अपने तेज़ से , ज्ञान से , करूणा से और धम्म् से ठीक कर दिया । यह बात पूरे शहर मे फैल गयी और लोगों ने अंगूलीमाल को अपनाना शुरू कर दिया ।

बाद मे अंगूलीमाल बेहद प्रसिद्ध बौद्ध हुये और उन्होंने सम्पूर्ण जीवन दुखियन की सेवा की और धम्म् का प्रसार किया ।

शिक्षा – प्रत्येक मनुष्य हजारो कमियाँ और ग़लतियाँ करता है लेकिन यह भी सत्य है कि प्रत्येक मनुष्य मे ऐक सुप्त अवस्था मे बोधी का भी निवास है । प्रत्येक मनुष्य ऐक बुद्ध है जिस दिन उसकी बोधी का उसे अहसास होता है । जब ऐक कुख्यात हत्यारा भी महान संत बन सकता है तो आप और हम तो अच्छे मानव बन ही सकते है । धम्म् के मार्ग पर चले और दुखियन की सेवा करे ।

Ps – All human beings are rolling into the misery just because of ignorance but their is a way out. Dhamma is the way to understand and experience your own being and real happiness. Everyone is a Buddha and everyone has Boddhi (knowledge) in dormant state. The moment you realise that Boddhi you start feeling compassion for all being and spreading positive vibration all around.

The moment you change your mentality , very next moment you start changing your state. Buddha said , ” All the Buddha before me , all the Buddha contemporary to me and all the Buddha to future , I pay my refuge upon them ”

Buddha is not a name , it is a state of one’s own realisation or ultimate truth . I can be a Buddha, you can be a Buddha and everyone can be a Buddha. Spread positivity and happiness and it will intensify your happiness ten times more back to you. Everyone can change their fate and come out of ignorance. Dhamma is a truth , Dhamma is a law of nature . Be a part of Dhamma and spread Dhamma to serve humanity.

धम्म् शरणम् गच्छामी

संघम शरणम् गच्छामी

बुद्धम् शरणम् गच्छामी ।


life philosophy sprituality

अनिच्चा. Impermanence

“ऐक छोटी सी कहानी”

There was a beautiful couple in the village . Husband was so much fascinated of his wife’s beauty. He used to praise her beautiful golden hair and her shining teeth. He used to compare her hair to cascade of gold and her teeth to the ocean of pearls. One day this man invited me for a dinner. I knew his affection for his wife and I was happy to see that.

Again when I entered to his house he started praising her wife’s beautiful hair,teeth and her smile. I was in a state that I could see his ignorance. I didn’t say even a word and keep smiling. Poor people with full of ignorance, cravings and aversion, do not know their own mind even. So I let him speak with full of his emotions.

He said , “I love her golden hair , it is like a cascade of gold on her head “

“I love her teeth which is just like a ocean of pearls”

I smile and said yes they are beautiful 😊

Then her wife started serving us dinner. We were sitting on the dinning table and our plates were fulfilled with aroma of delicious food. I started eating my food. All of sudden her husband found a long hair in the food. He got irritated and scold his wife

“Wife ,”what’s that , this dirty hair in my food …..!!! Yakkk !!! Move this plate away from here and bring another fresh one.”

The few moments back these were the same hair metaphorically said as a cascade of gold, shining on her head but all of sudden it became dirty and impure. I keep smiling with learning and understanding. Her wife brings him another new plate and then he start eating with me. Now he was not that much happy with the talks as he was before. He was not that much enthusiastic. I tried to normalise the situations and talk him about the Dhamma.

I told him that love is a emotion with compassion , non sectarian , universal sensations without manipulation and without cravings. I was telling him that you can not tell that you love your mother more than your father because if you do so it doesn’t remain non sectarian that means their is a amalgam of cravings either for your father or for mother. You can not say that you love more your best friend or your girlfriend because either you truely love your best friend or your girlfriend. Love is universal and you can not measure it in the form of less or more. It is same for everyone and once you start feeling that you will understand the real meaning of love. Rest is based on our cravings which keeps arising and vanishing, keeps arising and vanishing , deriving us to imbalanced behaviour with full of impurities , keep accumulating layer by layer without even knowing to us and one day which turn out as a aversion, illusion, delusion, empathy, agony, hatred , sympathy and all other thoughts.

In between his wife was bringing water for him and she fell down near the table and one of her front tooth broke down and sprinkled also in his plate which was still half of food.

He stand up and picked up her and he saw that her one tooth which was artificial has sprinkled due to imbalance in his plate , luckily she didn’t had any injuries.

He said , “ wife ! Put this dirty tooth away , take this plate away from here and I won’t have food now. My mood has got spoiled and I won’t eat anything now. “

Wife was embarrassed for unwanted things which had spoiled her husband’s mood. I was smiling. I wanted to spread Dhamma , the truth and law of nature. Because few minutes back these were the teeth which was said to be “the ocean of pearls “ but all of sudden they also became dirty and impure.

I wanted to teach that our mind work according to the objects and we are just a slave of our mind. Without understanding the theory of अनिच्चा , we can not be liberated from ignorance. We will be deriving by the things which is in our favour (cravings) or against (aversion) and our life will be driven just accordingly.

I taught them Dhamma, brings them out of ignorance and fulfilled them with compassion, joy and real happiness. I told them that beauty is beauty when it is integrated but when it is decayed and segregated from the truth it become impurity of mind. Husband and wife followed the path Dhamma and left all the object oriented life behind. They become the happiest couple on village and inspired others to be like them. They spreads Dhamma through out their life to make people realise the reality of their real happiness.

PS – अनिच्चा is a Pali word which means Impermanence. Theory of Impermanence is a special place in Buddhism and play a very important role. To understand the nature of our body and mind we should understand ourselves first. Day by day we are decaying, decaying and decaying towards end without even realising it. We can chose to accumulate impurities or to purify our mind with the time so that one can truly understand the real meaning of love and happiness. When you will understand that you are itself a universe containing mind and matter then you will understand the little thing about yourself. It is a last long process but your one step towards it is like a one drop in the jar and one drop is always better than an empty jar.

And knowing the process of अनिच्चा , slowly you will see that part of the bubble , you have become a wavelet too 🧘‍♂️.

भवतु सब्बा मंगलम Be Happy 😊

life Motivation

Happiness is a choice 💫

I have always been a explorer , a life experimentalist , a storyteller and a poet. As a learner I have set my boundaries to find out my way to go ahead with clarity. I will find answers for the all the why’s because I intended to and I’m sure of it that life is full of thrill , full of beautiful people and full of adventure.

When I look back at my journey I feel good about me that everything has a purpose in life. I was always surrounded by good people who taught me valuable things. As I’m growing old I feel I’m looking at everything with a different prospective which is making me more enthusiastic and positive.

I don’t want to live a normal life. Insanity is not a bad thing if it brings you happiness. Even pain , sadness or joy has a purpose to serve us. Everything has a unique pattern of sensations when they occur and we never realise it but it has a large impact on our personality. Once you start understanding it you will start understanding everything. You will grow in life, you will be undefeated in life, you will be above the small things and you will attain equilibrium. This equanimous mind will lead you to success. I’m sure I will be on the path of equilibrium. From this day onwards my journey as a wanderer will be on to find the path of equilibrium.

I’m full of energy and I see hope, larger prospective everywhere. Here I had pick one of my list to do before I die from my bucket list.

So here is my first ever “SOLO TRAVELING”

I packed my bag and started my journey from delhi to Dhramshala. I had enrolled myself for the 10 days Vipasana course in Himachal Vipasana centre Dhramkot which 4-5 km from Dhramshala. I reached here 2 days before the course started and they didn’t let me enter into the campus. So I started looking for reasonable hotels near Dhramkot. I found a good hotel which has very good cafe as well. When you have a day off and you have lot of things to do so this goes like this👇🏿

1. I started my day with a beautiful Israelian breakfast 🥞 and read some my fantasy about the universe, shared by the Stephen hawking.

2. I met a beautiful 🇳🇴 Norway 🇳🇴 lady Marthe Aurora who has been a solo traveler for last 15 years and she had amazing personality with lot of experience. She is learning Yoga here in India . We were having breakfast in a same restaurant and I break the ice and start conversation with her. She told me about her previous journey and just showed me the picture of that restaurant when she was here in India first time around 8 years back. Such a happy day indeed.

3. After meeting her she went to her Yoga classes and I had nothing to do so I thought I would go for “Triund Trek “ on my own . Because of heavy snow fall trek was closed til 30 March. There was an accident as well , a group of 8-10 youths from Dehli went on trek on 15th March and some of them gone missing. They were lucky that rescue teams found them alive after two days. Rumours were all around here and some whatsapp videos were also spreading about the missing group. But on 31 March 2019, DC opened the trek for tourist on the condition of hiring a trained tourist guide with every group. Early morning I started my journey for trek and on the way to Golu temple I met two partners Alex and Brendon from USA . They were really eager to go for trek and we asked the security person for permission. Security person told us to hire the local guide. We hired sachin, a local guide and start out trek for Triund.

4. We were the first three traveler to open the route at the early 0939 Hrs . It was a long journey so we start sharing thing to each other.

Alex and Brendon are together since four years and they love each other. They met in the college and Alex is two year elder than Brendon. After completing their college they joined community farming for two years back. They have good understanding and they love each other . I clicked many pictures on the way and I was kind of their photographer today 💕

5. Alex is a painter 👩‍🎨 and she is more into spirituality. Alex also shared with me about her ex boyfriend even in front of Brendon with comfort. She shared how they had differences and they could not keep it continue. Brendon is a commerce graduate and managing the work of community farming.

I asked Alex about love. She shared with me valuable things. She told “love is a beautiful feeling, it is no more or no less , it is just love. Love makes us happy , humble and strengthen to achieve our dreams.” This was something which should be learn in life. All for all being must be our goal in life. No one is infallible and everyone deserves a chance to correct themselves. We must have compassion in our heart. That is a learning for life. I will remember this definitely that love is just love with the feeling of no more and no less. Even theory of “Metta” says it is unconditional love for all being.

I have come here to attend my “Vipasana Meditation” course and this will be my another wish list.

6. Our journey is more like a juggling trails and it keep going unpredictably. Like small glacier to the big ones, small problems to big one. This trek could not be more joyful with two cheerful people with me. We clicked lot of photographs , made beautiful memories , shared some of our stories and talked about different perspectives of life.

7. It was 10 km trek from Dhramakot to Triund . We were the first four person to open the route for everyone for this season . We were happy to make this trek complete even though it was very slippery, somewhere dangerous and we all fell down almost 5-6 times even Alex got little injured . It is our human nature that we become more durable after crossing all our difficulties, we become more anti- fragile after so much of fragility. But beyond toughness and difficulties of our journey we shared happiness, knowledge and stories to each other. It took us almost three hours to get to the “Triund Top” and feeling was not less than a conqueror.

8. I become their director, guided them to pose and creat unforgettable memories for them . They come together and Alex went down on the knee with a flower 🌷 and make her wish come true. Alex told me that she is gonna make this picture framed. They will always remember me whenever they look at it. This is life with joy and sharing. I wish them love and happiness.

9. I had really a great day with these lovely people. I’m learning that life has always a broader meaning and prospects. I’m learning that world is full of happiness and you need to find your choice. I’m learning that “Happiness is a choice” and my choices are more clear than ever before .

Keep your journey without expecting expecting too much in return. This is the best way to be a selfless traveler. Everything is a joy here. You need to look it differently.

10. Some good photographs to remember . Some good memories to remember. Even this dog came with us. One thing I have learn from Dogs that they are a true companion who truely loves you. You can’t express your gratitude when you get Maggi at the height of 3-4 ft snow fall , believe me nothing is better than that .

Alex and Brendon offered me American nuts and chocolates and that was so kind of them . We had tea , Maggi and cookies 🍪 together . We exchanged our numbers and I’m looking forward to meet them again in future . All the very best to my guide sachin , to Alex and to Brendon.

May this universe brings you more happiness in upcoming adventures . I may had dinner with Aurora so I will look forward to it .

PS : “Happiness is a choice. Keep your journey because life is a journey.


“Journey is happiness not the destination” 🌸🌸💫🌸🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️